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What Maths Skills Are Needed to Become an Engineer?

People choose a career in engineering for many different reasons. But in the profession, there are a large number of engineers who were, to put it crudely “maths enthusiasts who got bored”. Even though number crunching is important to most engineers’ work, maths in engineering is really a tool to arrive at


Which Ram Truck is Perfect for the Family?

If you are considering buying a new family vehicle, and you have decided that you want to go with a pickup truck instead of a minivan, you certainly have your work cut. There are so many different trucks to choose from, it can be quite confusing, especially with every automotive


What Certification does your Forklift Driver have?

Are your employees trained to operate forklifts on-spot? Some business owners quickly answer this question based upon the assumption that their employees have prior forklift experience. The problem with this assumption is that there are different types of forklifts. Your new employee with 5+ years of experience may have never

timing belt

Unusual Sounds are Indications that your Car Needs Checking

If you notice that your car engine produces a high-pitched shrieking sound when it runs, there’s a tendency that your timing belt is wearing out. This sound is most often heard when you start the engine. But when the engine is already running idle, the sound seems to fade. If


Fast-Track to Fun: A Day at the British Motor Museum

Test-drive the old saying that there’s “something for everyone” and come up trumps when you visit the newly-revamped British Motor Museum in Warwickshire. Of course, die-hard petrol-heads are going to have a field day at this shrine to the wheel, but the museum also has a surprising range of activities