When & Where to Find Help for Mental Disorders

It is very common for individuals around the world to deal with numerous kinds of mental health disorders that affect their lives in various ways. Many individuals throughout the United States will experience symptoms of mental disorders each year, disrupting their lives and causing them to seek help from loved ones and professionals.

People, however, do not always seek help, and the main reason they don’t is because they do not when to get help or where to go for help.

When to Get Help

You should seek the assistance of a professional specializing in mental health services in fort lauderdale, fl if you notice any of the following symptoms in adults, adolescents, and pre-adolescents.


·    Confused thinking

·    Social withdrawal

·    Significant changes in sleep or eating habits

·    Delusional behavior

·    Hallucinations

·    Excessive anxiety, worry, or fear

·    Experiencing extreme lows and highs

·    Substance abuse

·    Denying obvious problems

·    Suicidal thoughts or ideation


·    Substance abuse

·    Problems coping with difficulties & daily tasks

mental health services in fort lauderdale, fl

·    Changes in sleep or eating patterns

·    Frequent physical ailments or maladies

·    Defiant behavior (theft, truancy, going against authority)

·    Prolonged feelings of negativity

·    Suicidal ideation or thoughts

·    Frequent angry outbursts

·    Fear of gaining weight


·    Changes in performance in school

·    Suffering grades despite efforts

·    Excessive anxiety or worry

·    Hyperactivity

·    Persistent aggressive behavior

·    Disobedience

·    Persistent nightmares

·    Temper tantrums that increase in frequency

It can be difficult to deal with undiagnosed mental health issues, so it is imperative that you make sure you understand the signs and symptoms. Look for help from medical professionals at various mental health clinics and search online to find more options for treatment. Children will need a different approach than adults, so make sure you are paying close attention to your loved ones and noticing changes or problems.

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