Tasks A Janitorial Service Will Provide

There are a lot of cleaning tasks that need to be completed in an office.  For many people, finding a company that will focus on all of these areas may be a problem.  So, when looking for janitorial services in Pittsburgh, PA have a list of specifics that you need to have completed and make sure that the company will check off all your list.

Cleaning bathrooms

One of the most requested tasks for a company is to make sure that the bathrooms are clean.  If you don’t have a clean bathroom then employees and even customers to your business won’t want to go there.  When we look at our bathrooms, they show a level of care in details that need to be high.  If you can’t clean your bathroom, what else aren’t you cleaning?

janitorial services in Pittsburgh, PA

Windows and light fixtures

Another area that you will want to look at are your windows and light fixtures.  In many offices and businesses these are typically the most overlooked areas that need to be cleaned.  Typically, a business will go in and have these cleaned once a year if not every two years.  For windows, you really want to keep up with them since they do offer a glimpse into your business and will give customers a superficial view of your habits.

Maintenance and repairs

One of the more advanced and custom offerings is to have a maintenance and repairs person on staff.  If you are a large company having a janitor that is also a handyman will be priceless.  They can come in and change out light fixtures, fix holes and even do other small tasks that will need to be worked on from time to time. 

In many businesses we don’t get to have a janitor that does these types of services; however, you will want to consider looking into these features when hiring a maintenance company.